GPOWERSFILM Adventures: Rangeley, Maine

We headed back out into the woods again last weekend.  Kaleigh has been on my case about going to Rangeley for the past almost three years since we moved to Portland and for whatever reason we just hadn't made it up there yet.  We hiked to Tumbledown pond via the Parker Ridge Trail and back down on the Brook Trail.  It was just enough vertical for my achy knee and the views were spectacular - I definitely see what all the fuss is about.  We cooled off in Rangeley Lake before grilling up some yummy zucchini, summer squash, and Italian sausage over curried quinoa.  We gobbled it up as if we hadn’t eaten in days and enjoyed some bite sized s'mores over the campfire.  

The trip to Rangeley was short and sweet and I really wish we could have stayed for longer, but that just means we'll have to go back ASAP right!?  In the meantime I want to share a few of my must-haves for camping. (Scroll down for a bunch of photos from the weekend!)

-Ursa Major Face Wipes and "Hoppin Fresh" Deodorant - wipes all the hiking, biking, camping grime off your face and keeps you smelling as fresh as possible when you're having fun in the summer sun.

- Emalco Enamelware mugs and plates - enamel is way better to eat off than plastic and looks super fresh in all of those "campy" photos you've been dying to take all summer.

-Munkpack Fruit Squeezes - I don't go anywhere without one of these stashed in the bottom of a pack.  They make a great breakfast, snack or emergency calorie source if you ever need one on the road.

- Untapped Maple Syrup - My favorite camp breakfast is oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts covered in loads of liquid gold - AKA Vermont maple syrup.  These little pouches are the perfect size to cover two bowls and sweeten two mugs of coffee or tea.

-Journal, Cribbage and a Trail map - Campfire side entertainment whether in the form of a game of cards or dreaming up our next big hike, I write about all the little things I experienced during the day and keep track of the score. Not pictured: my brand new travel sized game of Settlers of Catan - truly the best.

-Treehouse Chocolate Drinking Chocolate - Tastes especially good wtih a roasted marshmallow on top!

- Skida Tour Neckwarmer - This is the most versatile piece of headwear I own. Headband, neckwarmer, slouchy beanie, great at keeping the back of my neck from getting burned and also serves as a phenomenal glasses or camera lens wipe at a moments notice.

- Board and Batten "Farm to Skin" Seeds of Today Serum and Jojoba Protein Nourishing Wash - In perfect little travel sized containers this multipurpose wash and rejuvinating/acne clearing/sun protecting serum are a girls best friend on the road.

- Hills and Trails Pouch - I have three of these and at any given time one is full of half of the things picutred here, another has my current knitting project and another serves as a toiletry kit.  Perfect for keeping all of the little things seperate - and preventing me from constantly asking Kaleigh "Have you seen my...?"

Ella is currently nomming hardcore on a stick underneath the table – one carefully collected by Kaleigh to stoke the fire. The fire is crackling and quickly filling each pore in the hammock with smoke – I can almost feel it settling between the hairs on my head and the fibers in my fleece. A smell that is so natural in the woods but so intrusive when hanging in my apartment in the city. Kaleigh is washing dishes with a scrubby that I made myself – the first successful crochet project of my life. Ella remains at high alert – so many sounds and smells around this campsite.
— Excerpt from my camp diaries

Thanks for reading!  Check out this previous post on all the excuses I've made not to go camping. READ IT HERE. 

Some of the above products were provided for this feature, however all opinions are my own.