GPOWERSFILM Adventures: Quebec City Nordic World Cup

The history of Nordic skiing in my life in three sentences or less:

GP as a nordic nugget circa 1996

GP as a nordic nugget circa 1996

 I was born on skis. I spent my younger years watching my dad wax skis for the US Nordic Combined team, making loops and zigzags with the bright pink, blue and purple waxes to keep me entertained.  Despite the burning desire to be an Olympic skier that inhabits many a young Nordie I wasn’t really good enough to ski in college, let alone at any higher level.  I turned to rowing in college to fuel my competitive nature and simultaneously learned I was pretty great at taking photos and making films so I poured myself into that instead.

Which brings us to 2017, wherein I found myself standing in a photo zone on the side of the World Cup race course in Quebec City shooting for the US Ski Team social media trying not to pass out as legends Marit Bjorgen, Charlotte Kalla and Jessie Diggins skied by warming up. Sure, it wasn’t the same thing as racing alongside these athletes, but for me, it was so much better. I attended the World Cup in a way I actually excelled.  Keep scrolling for behind the scenes photos, our first EVER vlog and Kaleigh's worst joke she's ever made. 


Friendly Canadians who helped us find a spot to park at our airbnb during a parking ban. Neverending fan-girl freakouts. Le Gruyere is actually delicious. Getting to wish our friends Sophie, Simi, Andy and Erika good luck in PERSON.  Standing mere feet away from the FIS interviews with the winners.  Running into some of our favorite members of the New England Ski Community and meeting a few for the first time I had only ever interacted with on social media.  Blue bird days EVERY day. Rockstar Parking. Skiing on the Plains of Abraham as the sun was setting.  Canada makes amazing GF pasta. Jessie Diggins shares my photos and calls me amazing.  Unibroue variety 12 pack. Skiing at Mt. St. Anne in the best conditions we’ve had all year. Getting a selfie with Marit Bjorgen.  Walking in Old Quebec. After party with all of the skiers. Albanese Gummy Bears.

 “Well we’re out of spinach so we won’t have much Vitamin A today but we sure got enough Vitamin D” As Kaleigh inspects her sunburn.

For the rest of the action photos from the races: CLICK HERE