Infusions: Take One

Inspired by the tasty infusions at one of our favorite happy hour spots Local 188 in Portland, ME Kaleigh and I endeavored to make our own spirit infusions.  


Following the rule of stuffing some yummy ingredients into a jar and pouring 1 cup of alcohol over it, we created 9 different infusions. 

Storing them in a cool, dark place in the cupboard under our sink we felt like we were back in the prohibition days. We let them sit there for anywhere from 2 hours to 2-3 days depending on the flavor.  Coffee and tea didn't need more than a few hours, but the rest we let mingle, gently shaking them twice a day.

Below, the essential "after" picture.


In Order of Appearance: 

Friends brought over mixers, garnishes and snacks and we had quite the soiree!